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Stitch Resolution

The fabric I use is exactly like a canvas in Photoshop.  The threads in the fabric align to make a precise grid, and different counts of fabric will give you different "resolutions" to your grid.  For example, 14ct is 14 stitches per inch.

I keep a permanent stock of 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct on hand.  I can usually get 16ct and 28ct fairly reliably, but very large sizes may take longer to source.  For 16ct and 28ct, I will usually significantly reduce or waive the custom order fee on fabric if the designs are small enough.  All other sizes require the custom order fee, since they cannot be sourced locally and must be purchased in bulk quantities.

The chart below shows the same dimension in inches on different counts of fabric.  The higher the number, the more stitches can fit into a single inch, and the more detail you get per square inch.  You can see as the number gets higher, the detail on the parrot significantly increases.

The next chart shows the same dimensions in stitches on different counts of fabric, with each square equaling 100x120 stitches.  With the stitch dimensions the same size, each increase in fabric count decreases the dimensions in inches in the project.  The dimensions are approximate.

While materials costs for higher fabric counts are lower, stitch costs get higher with lower fabric counts.  This is because larger stitches require significantly more thread to cover the fabric, and a skein that may last four or five pages on a high count would run out after a single page on lower count fabric.


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