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PayPal/International Ordering

Welcome to the new and improved ordering form! What's most impressive about it is that it's no longer a form. It's a shop, with buttons, and all that fun stuff. Please keep in mind that this page still does not directly link into the main shop inventory, so orders may be adjusted or refunded if something is ordered that is out of stock. I will try my best to keep on top of this, but sometimes double sales do happen, and there's no much that can be done about it.


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Giant Meteor 2020


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The Cat Hair Adds Texture


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Free Cross Stitch Pattern: Naked Hawkeye

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Custom Commission Information

Custom commissions, needleminders, and instant pattern downloads are all available through my profile. is a platform that lets buyers track the status of their commissioned artwork, costumes, writing, and other projects, while providing a safe and secure payment method.

All of my commissioned work is hand-stitched to your specifications.  You provide the image, and I will turn it into something permanent.  For more information, see my profile.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern: Roocket and Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Rocket and Groot Cross Stitch Pattern
DMC FlossAny Fabric132 x 83 Stitches150 ColoursGet it here