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GoatRobot Commands

The following commands can be used in chat while GoatRobot is present.  These don't always work on YouTube.  Commands that involve using someone's name never work on YouTube.

Basic Commands

These commands can be used by anybody.  Some have a cooldown.

  • !amazon - Amazon list of my favourite supplies
  • !commands - Brings you to this list
  • !currentbet - The current wager happening on this channel
  • !currentpoll - The current poll happening on this channel
  • !currentproject - Takes you to a page detailing the current project
  • !currentraffle - The current giveaway and info on entering 
  • !defend - Defends against a raid
  • !deviantart - My deviantART page
  • !discord - The community Discord server
  • !friday - Unboxings and reviews
  • !gift - Give points to other chatters
  • !give - Give points to other chatters 
  • !giveaway - View the current giveaway
  • !merch - See what's new in the merch store
  • !patreon - Links to my Patreon page
  • !patternrequest - Information on getting a free pattern
  • !pointspls - Get a random number of points from GoatRobot
  • !praisegoat - Praise Goat!
  • !random - Give 100 points to a random chatter 
  • !so - Links to a given user's channel (syntax: !so MadXStitcher) 
  • !steal - Steal 100 points from other chatters
  • !stitching - A spot of motivation from Goat Robot
  • !stitches - Check your balance and redeem your points
  • !tutorials - Tutorial playlist on YouTube
  • !twitch - Link to the Twitch channel (in case you need it)
  • !website - Link to the pattern website
  • !winner - Info for giveaway winners
  • !youtube - Link to the YouTube channel

Loyalty Commands

These are commands that are only available to people who have accrued enough points.

  • !pokegoat - Requires 10,000 points
  • !annoygoat - Requires 25,000 points
  • !ticklegoat - Requires 35,000 points
  • !petgoat - Requires 45,000 points
  • !cursegoat - Requires 55,000 points
  • !cuddlegoat - Requires 65,000 points
  • !summongoat - Requires 75,000 points
  • !respectgoat - Requires 85,000 points

Minigames, Polls, and Bets

These commands are used for special events throughout the stream

  • !heist # - Used to start or join a heist.  Replace # with the amount of points you intend to wager. Syntax: !heist 500
  • !challenge [name] - Used to issue or accept a challenge.  Use the person's name.  Costs 100 points  Syntax: !challenge MadXStitcher
  • !chicken - Used to battle the thread chicken.  Costs 500 points
  • !boss - Used to start or join a boss battle.  Costs 50 points.
  • !vote # - Used to vote in a poll.  Replace # with the entry number.  Syntax: !vote 1
  • !bet # - Used to place a wager. Replace # with the entry number.  Syntax: !bet 1


Popular Posts

DMC Floss Indexes

Included in this download are floss indexes for DMC flosses.  Currently, the download contains entries for: Stranded Cotton Satin √Čtoile More will be added in the future, so it is recommended that you create an account and follow my page to be alerted whenever this listing is updated so you may download  it again without charge. This index contains files to change floss entries within recent versions of PCStitch, as well as PNG files which can be colour-picked for direct use, or to gain RGB entries. PLEASE NOTE: While these colours are more accurate than what comes out of the box with PCStitch, dye lots and monitor differences may mean that colours do not display precisely.  Some tweaking and changes on the user end may still be required, however direct image conversions will be greatly enhanced with this index.  Full coverage pieces will have less "mud" to the darker areas, and colours like blue, red, and purple should have fewer issue

Group Project: Bosch Quilt

This is the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.  It is my favourite painting in history, because look at it.  It's insane.  Painted some time around 1500, the Garden of Earthly Delights is a triptych depicting Heaven (or Eden), Earth (or mortal sin), and Hell (or the Last Judgement), depending on one's interpretation of the panels. Honestly, I just love it because look at it.  Is that a man playing a flute with his ass?  This is some demented Dutch Where's Waldo. Why am I telling you about this delightfully horrifying tribute to humanity?  Because this is our next group project.  We, as a collective, will be stitching this thing.  I've wanted to stitch this for a long time, but haven't been able to because in order to preserve all the absurd detail, it needs to be huge.  Like, 500 stitches huge.  I kind of wanted to make it bigger, but it's already going to be almost 200 pattern pages as it is. Do you want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's

Commissions and Pattern Downloads

If you're here from Instagram, Tumblr, etc, click here.  I've added this page so I don't have to clutter up my site with individual pattern listings. This page updates in real time whenever something new is added to the store.  It may take a few moments to load.  The first group of items are commissions, commission add-ons, and pre-made items.  Scroll down for patterns.