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Fabric Density Swatches

These are a few density swatches I put together for reference.  First is 14ct perforated plastic. One thing you may be able to see from the photo is how badly the plastic warps and deforms with six strands. At one point, the floss actually broke the plastic, and I had to creatively lay my stitches to keep that from being obvious, but you can still see a little peek of white. On both plastic and fabric, I do not recommend more than four strands for full stitches on 14ct. Even at four, there's enough floss that it gets caught up on itself and tends to create big snags and snarls. For 18ct, I don't recommend more than three strands for full stitches. After that point, the same thing starts to happen. And for 22ct, you only need two. Not only does your floss start to snag, but 22ct is a loose weave, and deforms with too many strands, and pretty soon you actually lose your grid.


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Group Project: Bosch Quilt

This is the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.  It is my favourite painting in history, because look at it.  It's insane.  Painted some time around 1500, the Garden of Earthly Delights is a triptych depicting Heaven (or Eden), Earth (or mortal sin), and Hell (or the Last Judgement), depending on one's interpretation of the panels.

Honestly, I just love it because look at it.  Is that a man playing a flute with his ass?  This is some demented Dutch Where's Waldo.

Why am I telling you about this delightfully horrifying tribute to humanity?  Because this is our next group project.  We, as a collective, will be stitching this thing.  I've wanted to stitch this for a long time, but haven't been able to because in order to preserve all the absurd detail, it needs to be huge.  Like, 500 stitches huge.  I kind of wanted to make it bigger, but it's already going to be almost 200 pattern pages as it is.

Do you want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what…

Commissions and Pattern Downloads

If you're here from Instagram, Tumblr, etc, click here.  I've added this page so I don't have to clutter up my site with individual pattern listings.

This page updates in real time whenever something new is added to the store.  It may take a few moments to load.  The first group of items are commissions, commission add-ons, and pre-made items.  Scroll down for patterns.

Free Pattern Collection

Free pattern collection with 65 patterns is available now!

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