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Default Commission Options

Default options are materials which are continually in stock and carry no additional charge.  Default options also refer to how these materials are used.


Default stock options for fabric are 28ct, 22ct, 18ct, and 14ct.  These are always in stock, or are very easily obtained.  They do not carry a restock fee should a commission be ordered for these options, even if I do not immediately have the fabric available.  Restocking these fabrics is often a matter of hitting up Jo-ann or Amazon.  A small delay will occur with restocking these items, usually no more than a week or two.

All other sizes (32ct, 25ct, 20ct, 16ct, and 11ct) are harder to order in large quantities or are not always available locally.  I often do not have these in stock, or if I do it is in limited quantities.  Some of these fabrics require bulk orders or extra effort and come with a $100 restock fee.


Default stock options for floss are limited to the main line of 505 solid cotton colours by DMC.  While I frequently run out of colours, they are exceptionally easy to replace and do not carry a fee to do so.  Delays of up to two weeks may occur if I run out of stock mid-project, or if I know I will not have enough of a given colour before I start. I frequently buy in bulk when possible, which is the cause of delays.  Not buying in bulk can result in wildly different shades within the same colour, which while faster to ship will often ruin a project.

All other floss has a set fee.  Some of the specialty flair flosses can cost more than 350% the standard cotton flosses and cannot be bought at cheaper prices in bulk.  Glitter, multi-colour, extra gloss, and neon flosses are an additional $5 per colour.

Default usage applies to how each material is used unless otherwise specified by the buyer.  The following is what you can expect to receive by default, and is the cheapest option for each.

Default Usage

Default fabric is 28ct, two strands of floss, tent stitch.  This creates the smallest image, uses the least amount of floss, and provides the best coverage.

If another fabric is specified, but no coverage is specified, the following defaults will be used:

  • 32ct: one strand of floss, tent stitch - may show some fabric through
  • 25ct: two strands of floss, tent stitch - may show some fabric through
  • 22ct: two strands of floss, tent stitch - will show some fabric through
  • 20ct: two strands of floss, full stitch - fabric should not show through
  • 18ct: two strands of floss, full stitch - may show some fabric through
  • 16ct: two strands of floss, full stitch - will show some fabric through
  • 14ct: three strands of floss, full stitch - fabric should not show through
  • 11ct: three strands of floss, full stitch - may show some fabric through

These are the options used for default catalogue pieces.  Specifying other coverage options will result in additional charges.  These options are chosen as being the best for the fabric and easiest to stitch.  Options which have a likeliness of showing fabric through are the default because increasing coverage may make stitching more difficult or cause damage to the fabric.

For examples of fabric density, click here. For examples on how different counts affect overall size, click here.


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DMC Floss Indexes

Included in this download are floss indexes for DMC flosses.  Currently, the download contains entries for:
Stranded CottonSatinÉtoile
More will be added in the future, so it is recommended that you create an account and follow my page to be alerted whenever this listing is updated so you may download  it again without charge.
This index contains files to change floss entries within recent versions of PCStitch, as well as PNG files which can be colour-picked for direct use, or to gain RGB entries.
While these colours are more accurate than what comes out of the box with PCStitch, dye lots and monitor differences may mean that colours do not display precisely.  Some tweaking and changes on the user end may still be required, however direct image conversions will be greatly enhanced with this index.  Full coverage pieces will have less "mud" to the darker areas, and colours like blue, red, and purple should have fewer issues converting cleanly.
At this …