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Commission Price Master List

Prices for everything all in one place.  Prices listed are starting prices.  Some listings will go up depending on size and complexity.


YCH (Your Character Here): $25
Small Sew-on Patch: $10
Longstitch: $20
Sprites (You Provide Image): $25
Custom Drawn Sprites: $40
Postage Stamps: $30
Two-Colour: $35
Image Conversion Partial Coverage: $40
Con Badge/Drawn Postage Stamp: $45
Jumbo Con Badge: $55
Image Conversion Full Coverage: $50
Drawn Partial Coverage: $65
Drawn Full Coverage: $75


Add a magnet: $5
Plastic Canvas: $5
Variegated Floss: $20
Black Light Floss: $20
Satin Floss: $20
Glow in the Dark $20
Beads: $25
Metallic Floss: $25
Diamond Paint It: $200

Finishing Options

Wooden Hoop: $10
Canvas Stretching: $25
Board Mounting: $25
Inset Framing: $35
Throw Pillow: $50


Needleminders: $5
Needleminder grab bag (five random designs): $20
Needleminder full pack (one of each): $50
Completed Pieces: Varies by piece
Image Conversion Pattern: $15
Draw-Over Conversion: $25
Custom Drawn Pattern: $45


Popular Posts

Weekly Workload: February 4 2019

Three pieces on this week's roster.  One which will probably be finished today, if all goes well.

Support Artisans

Patch commission.  I need to fix the bird because I hate it, but there really isn't much left on this one.  I also need to work out some back stitching for the bird and maybe the orange bits.  But Mr Bird there definitely blends into the background in a way I really don't like. 


Conbadge, example and guerrilla marketing.  After the Haida badge, I really fell in love with doing them this way.  This one is on dyed blue fabric, though I haven't been as quick on it as I'd have liked.  Paying commissions take priority, and other stuff around the house got in the way as well.  Ideally, I think I can still manage to clear this entire list by the end of the week.


Conbadge, trade.  Another badge, because they're a quick way to get my work and examples out there.  I think I used the wrong brush while drawing the sprite, because some things see…

Commission Info, Originals for Sale, and Pattern Downloads

I take commissions for a variety of styles and options, through  Commissions are either a set size and price, or incrementally increasing in size and price.  A variety of add-on options are also offered.

Originals can also be purchased through  Pretty much everything that isn't a commission winds up available for sale.  Prices start at $5 for small patches, and go up from there.  Typically, originals are priced at 50% of what the commissioned price would be.
After some cross stitch patterns?  They are also on  All patterns are $6, regardless of size.

Project Workbook: Support Artisans

Workbook entry for a commissioned patch.  For such a little thing, it sure did have a lot going on.  See more behind the scenes photos and details on Patreon.