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2019 Commission Terms of Service

You must agree to these terms before I will begin.  The following applies to all monetary transactions.  Failure to adhere may result in your commission being cancelled.  Work will not begin until I have received your confirmation on the form below.

1. The work I do takes time.  I will give you a rough quote before the project starts, and will keep you updated on progress and any delays that should arise over the course of the work.  Sometimes things get in the way.  Because of this, I give long estimates.  If I cannot complete a project on time, you will have the option of cancellation and a refund.  Hounding me to finish or rush a project sooner than the agreed upon timeline will result in cancellation.

2.  While my prices are flexible, I will not go beyond the minimum listed amount.  I am willing to fudge prices a bit on some projects, but I will not undercut myself for the sake of a sale.  I do offer payment plans for projects over $50.  Projects on a payment plan will not be given an estimated timeline.  Instead, they will be completed on a per-page basis, as each page is paid for.  If multiple pages are paid for at once, I will continue to work on those pages until completion.  If another payment has made, work will continue.  Once a project has been worked on to the point that no more payments have been made to cover what remains, the project will be paused.

3. Projects on payment plans that stall on payments for 60 days will be sent one reminder.  If after a week, no additional payments are made or arranged, the project will be sent as-is, with the remaining pattern to the buyer.  The buyer can seek out completion through any means.  If the buyer wishes to return the project and resume payment, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

4. Cancelled projects that have not yet begun will be refunded fully, minus any material costs that were purchased specifically for your project (rare).  Projects that are cancelled after start, but before completion will receive a 50% refund, along with the incomplete project and pattern.  Projects that are cancelled after completion will receive a 25% refund.  The finished piece will remain with me to be destroyed or sold as I see fit.

5. Cancelled projects with add-ons or flair will only be refunded the base cost.  Add-ons are not refundable, as they require extra materials costs.  Framing and finishing purchased for a project will be refunded in full if it is cancelled before the project is completed and moves on to the finishing stage.  Projects that have already been framed or finished will receive a 25% refund on the base cost ONLY. 

6. Base prices on paged items (Full coverage, partial coverage, and sprites) are for the first page ONLY.  Each page of the pattern acts as a multiplier to the base price.  Standard page sizes for these projects are 44 x 60 pixels (stitches) for the first page, and 42 x 58 for each subsequent page (pages after the first have two overlap rows to make them easier to align properly against one another.  This is most important with sprites and partial coverage, where it is required).  Partial pages will be added together until they form roughly one complete page.  I will disregard partial pages when quoting a price at my discretion.

7. Due to the high materials and time costs of even small projects, I supplement commission prices by streaming on Twitch and posting speed paints to YouTube.  Because of this, all projects must adhere to both sites' terms of service.  This includes no nudity, fetish material, or glorification of gore or violence.  If you would like to commission something that falls outside of this scope, there is an additional $50 per page fee.  This fee does not slide, and remains the same for all projects, regardless of type or size.  This fee also applies to anything you would prefer to keep off Twitch and YouTube.  I will not be flexible on this, as these sites are how I make my living.

8. With the exceptions of Flair options, all materials costs are factored into the base price of the items.  I have a large stash of basic materials.  Each partial-coverage piece includes fabric colour of your choice.  If I do not have fabric in the colour you like, I am able to dye it.  Dyeing fabric adds an additional day to the time estimate.  There is no additional cost for dyed fabric, whether it comes from my stash or is made special.

9. Flair options must be paid for upfront, before a project begins.  Many of these items, particularly Diamond Painting materials, take up an incredible amount of space, so I do not keep a lot of materials on hand.  Once payment for Flair options has been received, I will place any necessary orders and begin working on the project with the limited amount of materials I keep on-hand.  Most items arrive within a week, with the exception of Diamond Painting materials.  These materials can take up to two months to arrive, as they must be ordered from overseas, and state law prevents me from ordering from some of the more common retailers of these materials.  All Flair options must be paid for separately, due to having a separate refund policy.

10. Framing and finishing options can be paid for at any time during the duration of the project.  All framing offered is permanent, and should not be changed or removed without risking damage to the item.  All framing options must be paid for separately, due to having a separate refund policy.


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