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2019 MadXStitchalong

The 2019 MadXStitchalong is scheduled to take two months this year.  Why?  Because it's a bit bigger than the ones in the past, for one, and a two-month schedule should hopefully make it easier for everyone to keep up.  It's also a drawn design this year, meaning that although the design is bigger, it's going to be much simpler to stitch and count, with a lower threshold for detail.

The 2019 SAL will run from September 1st through Halloween.  Also changing this year is the way you will be receiving your patterns.  Rather than having to remember to keep checking back at a certain page, there is a form below for you to sign up.  Every week, starting Sunday, September 1st, you will receive all your files over email.  The SAL will be structured at one page per week, except for the final week, which will be two pages. 

Like every year, the design is a mystery.  But you do get to know some specifics.

  • 100 x 200 stitches
  • 120 colours
  • Colour palette and floss usage - You should only need one skein of each, except black.  You will need two.
  • As always, the design is themed to the season
Also new this year, Patrons get the option to know what the design is ahead of time.  Patrons who select this option will receive the full specs within a day or two of signing up, and the entire pattern at once on the 1st of September, rather than weekly.  The first four pages are roughly 48x60 stitches.  After that, they drop to around 48x40 stitches.

Those who sign up for the mystery will receive around 10 emails from me over the course of several months.  Once the SAL is over, the mailing list will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: You must sign up by August 31st if you wish to participate.  As this is mailing list based, there will be no catching up for latecomers.  After the SAL has been complete, the pattern will be released for purchase in full for $6.  Participation in the SAL is free.


What fabric should I use?

Whatever you want.  This pattern, as always, uses full stitches only.  There are no fractionals or special stitches.

Can I use tent stitch?

 Yes, but I recommend doing the black stitches specifically in full stitches.  Otherwise, it looks odd.

Should I grid my fabric?

Unlike past events, this design is much simpler overall.  Gridding is not so strongly recommended, but if it helps you, go right ahead!

Can you chart this for X floss brand?

Probably.  If you  need me to convert the floss used, let me know.  The final project won't look the same, but I understand that DMC is expensive and not widely available in some areas.  I can convert to Anchor, Caron Watercolours, Caron Waterlilies, Crescent Colours Cotton and Silk, J&P Coats, Sullivans, The Gentle Art, Threadworx, and Weeks Dye Works.

What if I can't keep up?

Take your time!  I tried to find a slightly better time for people, other than Holiday Crunch Time, but I realise that no time will work for everybody.  I realise school starts in September for most people, which either means students are going to be more busy, or parents will have their kids out of their hair.  If you can't keep up, don't sweat it.  The patterns won't expire.


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