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Cross Stitch 101: Recording Your Embroidery

A very quick crash course on recording your embroidery.  This video's pretty old, and most of it's outdated, but the relevant information is still good.  Want to record your embroidery?  Here's what you need to make your videos the best they can be:
  • Some sort of floor or lap stand that can hold your work for you
  • A lightweight camera that is capable of recording long videos (many cameras on the market right now are imposed with a hard limit of 30 minutes for tariff reasons).  I suggest a hard-lined webcam.  In the past I've used the Logitech c615.  Now, I'm using the Logitech c920
  • A device that can connect your camera to your stand.  My device in this video was a rod I'd tied to my stand.  Now, I'm using an articulated boom arm with a camera mount screw.
  • If you're using a webcam, OBS or Streamlabs OBS are good, free encoders that won't watermark your videos.

And that's all you need.

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Patterns will be delivered via email, so make sure the one you sign up with is a valid address.  I won't be hunting people down to deliver your prize.

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