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So many changes

It's summer, and summer always throws everything out of whack for me.  It's hot, I get sick easily because it's hot, and a lot of stuff falls by the wayside or gets forgotten because I spend so much time being sick.  On top of that, my computer gets grumpy, so even if I'm not sick, not a lot gets done.

There is some stuff I've managed to get done this year though.  First and foremost, I'm finally making progress on getting this thing I call a recording room actually looking and functioning like a recording room.  I'm not completely happy with it, and am going to make a few more changes over the course of today, but I'm also no longer trapped in a box when I record.

Right now, my core concerns are lighting, and being able to put things like my scissors and floss and monitor in places where they won't constantly be at risk of rolling away or falling over.  Also, the way I had my monitor when I streamed last night was just impossible to see.

I have a plan for both.  Originally the plan involved measuring my chair, going to Goodwill, and hoping to find a suitable table to put beside me.  Instead, I'm going to move all that fabric in the blue bin into an even larger green bin, move my footrest back to where it was on the other side, and put the bin where my keyboard is currently clamped to my chair.  Hopefully, that should give me more space, and if I use one of my ginormous art clipboards to even out the top of the lid, I can put everything on it without worrying about it all falling over.

As for lighting, I found some ring lights on sale on Amazon, and grabbed two of them.  This way, I'll be able to get rid of those horrible, harsh desk lamps I've been using.  One ring light will go directly behind me, and up above.  My hope is that it'll eliminate shadows.  The other one will be for me, so my lighting will be more consistent not only for livestreams, but more importantly for videos.  With the livestreams, it'll mean there will no longer be a light shining straight into the camera.  Using a pop filter to cover up a light is kind of dumb, let's be real.

Having good lighting will also mean that making certain videos will also get a lot easier, and nicer to produce.  If I can consistently get videos to look nicer, I might go back to doing more vlog-style videos.  I don't like doing the ones where I just sat around for an hour talking about all the stuff I'm not working on, but I do want to do more conversation videos.  It's just really hard to do when you're too busy focusing on figuring out how to make them look and sound decent.  Though, this new configuration does mean that my videos are sounding better.  I did a sound check during the stream last night, and for the first time in ages, I didn't sound like I was in a tin can.  If I can get my microphone in a place where it's not casting a shadow on my stitching, it'll be perfect.

And with this more open layout, I can hopefully finally do that floss-dyeing video I've been promising for about two years.

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