Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekly WIPs

Whoops, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I totally forgot in all the chaos of reorganising my room.  I'm not going to show you that yet though, because I'm still working on it.  But it's going to look SO awesome when I'm done.

Anyway, WIPs!  I'm gonna try this cut tag one more time for Tumblr, but I'm sorry if it doesn't work.


I have so many WIPs to share with you this week.  It's been a tremendously busy week for me, in terms of actually getting to work on projects.  So let's get started.

Black Raven

I started this one on stretcher bars, which was a mistake for so many reasons: chief amongst them, stretcher bars don't come big enough (for reasons I soon found out), so I had to put it on a cannibalised picture frame instead.  It meant that I  had to find a frame that would work first, and then cut the fabric to size after, so the margins are a good 7-8".  The end result is that my shoulder exploded, so I tore this off the frame, threw it into a bucket, and forgot about it.

Now that I'm working on it again, I'm annoyed that I started in the middle.  So I finished the bit that I'd been working on, and moved up to the corner instead, where it's easier to keep track of what page I'm supposed to be going to next.  This one is about 50% black, I think, and between it and the wolves, I may actually put a dent in my cone.  The good part about this one is there are so few colours that it does go quickly.  I like that.

Orange Sunset

This picture is really wonky and doesn't do the colour justice.  But this is what I've been focusing most of my livestream time on this week.  I really want to get it done, because it does go quickly, and it's been sitting around forever not getting worked on.

The orange is bothering me, though it's getting to a point where the more I work on the darker reds and browns, the more the rust-coloured bits pop into something that looks orange.  I bet at the pace I'm going with this, I can probably finish it by the end of the month.  That would be cool.

The Mighty Thor

This is another one that's murdering my shoulder.  I think my big wishlist item for this year is a side-clamping stand that will still hold a camera.  That's the big problem I have with stands: the camera aspect.  But this one's so tall that my shoulder started to hurt, so I had to move on to a lower page to continue working on it.  Once I get past the top row of pages, it'll be a bit easier though.  It's kind of a shame that the photos are all crummy, but hopefully with my new setup getting to a good place, I'll actually be able to get decent photos that don't require being thrown into Photoshop.


The Patreon project is very slow going, but it is going.  I'm going to try to slip a few extra streams in here and there as I have time, but probably not until after I get my room finished.  Because this is another one that I know can go real quickly, if I just have the time to work on it.  According to my calendar, the next Patreon stream is on Tuesday, so we'll see how much I can get done then.


I'm getting pretty far with this one.  It's kind of a mess, and there have been a bunch of places where I've had to stitch over what was done previously because it was all kinds of wrong, but it's going.  Instead of working across the rows, I decided to jump down and start working on Hilde instead.  Up close, her face looks really grey, but zoomed out like this, it kind of works?  It'll probably look even better once I get the entire page filled in.  All the white is probably what's throwing it off.

If I don't get this one done this year, I'll be surprised.


This is not actually the full thing.  It's not even close.  In fact, there's some stuff I've previously worked on that you can't see, because this thing is ENORMOUS.  I'll try to get a better photo next time to show that, and you can kind of see it in this week's Flosstube video.  But I started this one long ago, when I was just a babby stitcher who thought starting in the centre was the rule, and that gridding was cheating.  Well, fuck that.  I spent all night gridding up a quarter of it (seriously.  Enormous), and went to work on page 1, where I belonged.  Because like the raven, I realised I was going to get very confused on which pages went were before too long.  I will not finish this one this year.  I may not finish it next year.  It's that big.


And the last one for the week: Villainous!  It's going faster than I expected, which is a surprise.  I didn't think there were that many colours in it, until I was adding it to Patreon last night.  It has 275.  That's insane.  I now realise that it probably goes quickly because most of the pages aren't complete, on account of being a circle and all.  But I've got to the point where you can kind of see Black Hat's grumpy little face there, and I've realised that I'm going to run out of blue and 505 will probably wind up being a few different colours.  SIGH.  Oh well.