Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weekly WIPs and New Recording Setup

It's been a busy week, and when I sat down to round up everything I've worked on, I was surprised at how much stuff I've actually managed to do.  This isn't one of those monster WIP days like last week was, but there's still a decent amount of progress being made.

Most of my time has been spent this week on my recording setup though.  Since I no longer needed a bunch of shop-stuff in my room, I was able to move it elsewhere to make space for what I do need.


First, the WIPs!  One is a new start for the channel, and the rest are projects I've been working on for a white. 


I've made a little more progress on this one.  Not much, but a little.  Mostly it's just blue, blue, and more blue at this point, and probably will be across the entire top row of pages.  There might be a boat with an explosion at this level, but I'm not sure?  I'm going to Portland on Sunday, and if I take a project with me, it will probably be this one, since I'll be able to get away with just taking a few colours of floss, instead of the whole damn thing.  And since this one is whole stitches, because it's so old, it goes more slowly than a lot of my WIPs.  But I've got several hours of train ride, and an overnight stay, so I can probably put a decent little dent in all this blue by the time I get home Monday night.

Orange Sunset

Another page finish on this one!  It's a lot of confetti right now, because of the tree, but after a mega 6-hour stream last night, a lot of progress was made.  The amount of brown in this one is starting to drive me a little insane though.  In this whole thing so far, there are about eight stitches of proper orange. After that it's all rust, brown, and red.  And black.  I've already decided that when I finish this row of pages, I'm going to drop down to page 8 instead of going to page 5, just so I can finally do some of those bright oranges and yellows for a while, and get away from all these drab, dull colours.


This one continues to be slow, because Patron streams continue to be sporadic and short.  And since I'm going out of town, one of them will disappear.  I'll add a new one at some point during the week to make up for it though, otherwise there won't be any Patron streams at all this week.  But this is another one that's just drab and dull colours right now, which is probably what makes it so slow to work on.  The colours on this section aren't interesting, and I haven't done anything bright yet to really keep my excitement about it up.  But the next page will start to get fun, if I can ever get there.

Death Star

This is the new start, and there isn't much to it yet.  The pattern will be going up on Patreon at some point today.  This is actually one I made ages ago, before I really understood how pattern making worked for something that wasn't full coverage.  A few people got this in a loot box several years ago, but the pattern only worked on white fabric.  When I realised that, I fixed it up, and dyed this fabric that you can't really see, because all the shimmer on it gets in the way.  This one's going to be a speed stitch, and probably a long one.  This is about an hour's worth of work, according to timestamps.  The problem is the lack of gridding, and the detailed design.  It makes it go slowly.  But it'll get there.  I'm going to estimate probably 100 hours will go into this one.


And last, here's Fenrir.  I thought, after how quickly I got through the first page, this one would be a breeze.  But here I am, still working on Hilde and Sif.  This page is nothing but confetti and I want to die.  I've kind of been favouring this one when I work off-camera, just because I'm so eager to get away from this page and into something easier.  I MIGHT be able to finish this page tonight, but I also thought that last night, up until I realised it was 2am, and then gave up.

New Recording Space

This is something I've been wanting to do for a very long time, and was finally able to do thanks to my Patreon supporters.  I spent several days taking stuff out of my room and rearranging everything so I could finally install these acoustic tiles I've been eyeballing ever since I first started my channel.  The tiles are ultra-budget, so they're not cut exactly square, but it's the sort of thing you probably don't notice unless you're looking at it real close up.  But this setup finally gives me three-point lighting for my stitch recording, and I have enough distance between me and the lights that it doesn't fuck up my shot when I use the lights during a livestream.  Ideally, I'd have the lights up higher, but I don't have the means for that just now.  It'll be a slow process to get everything perfectly perfect, but for now, this is pretty darn good.  I brought Fred in, and draped him with some Halloween lights, and gave him some company in the form of some of my other YouTuber merch, and some random plushies we had sitting around the house.

But I love this.  It makes my videos and streams look and sound so much nicer, and since the background is nice and vibrant, I've been experimenting with the way I do my thumbnails.  Unfortunately, my webcam is not the best, so the thumbnails are a bit low-res, but I'm not sure if that matters too much, since you'll rarely see them full-sized anyway.