Monday, December 4, 2017

Winter 2017 MadXStitchalong

The winter MadXStitchalong starts later this month, on the 21st of December.  It uses 45 colours in total, all DMC.

So, to make sure you have everything you need, you can get the full colour chart here.  Save this PDF, because the patterns will be uploaded a bit differently this month.  That chart will be the colour key for the entire duration of the stitchalong.

Like last time, there will be two versions of each pattern: one with just the new colours, and one where all the previous colours are printed very lightly in addition to what's new.

For those who like to grid their fabric, and doing so is highly recommended, the full design is 75x50 stitches.

The stichalong uses several colours from the 2013 new colours pack.  If you don't have this pack and can't get it easily, this page will give you some alternative colours to use.  It does not use any colours from the 2017 new colours pack.