Saturday, December 30, 2017

Weekly WIPs

It's amazing how much easier it is to keep on top of doing these posts when I actually have weekly progress to show.  I don't have as much as I did last week, but I have some stuff to show.  Holidays will get in the way like that, and I spent a few days favouring one piece over any others, which also lowered the number.


Lazy Leopard

This is what three hours of parking on a confetti-filled nightmare looks like.  The most stitches any one colour has had so far has been three.  It's awful, and it's going to take me a decade to finish this one.  But it's also going to look amazing, so there's that.

But seriously, I do not think this will be part of my #YearOfManyFinishes.  Maybe if I do it again in a few years, it can be. But not this year.

Fandral and Sif

This is one of the ones I spent some time favouring.  I think it accounts for 2-3 days of work.  I'm not sure.  I worked on this one over Christmas, while we were stuck on the mountain, and then a little bit more when I got home.  I still can't get over how smooth and even the cel shading is on this one.  It's an earlier design I made, I think before I understood the importance of scattering the colours before importing the image, so it surprises me that it looks as good as it does.

Luckily, I designed all three panels at the same time, so when it comes time to do the next one, I won't have to sit down and try to figure out what I did years ago, and they'll all match.

Black Raven

I got hardly anything done on this one.  Some black.  Not a lot of black, but some.  I got to this one at a time when I was more tired than I realised, and mostly managed to just tape the edges up since I hadn't done that before.  That was the significant portion of the work on this project, I think.


Got a lot of progress done on this one this week.  It was also while working on this one that I realised I could take the shade off my lamp in my bedroom and work under better light conditions.  I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to do that, but there it is.

This one is absent from the video that will be going up tomorrow, because I didn't realise until after I'd already filmed and uploaded it that this project got left at my grandmother's. I went back up there the other day to go fetch it, and got a bunch of work done on it last nigh.  I feel like this is one that will get finished very soon, especially with the amount of work that's already been done on it.

For those wondering, this used to be a stitchalong piece, until my PC crashed and I lost the individual files and the breakdown of days.  I managed to retrieve the master file though, and have been going off of that to finish, which has been extraordinarily tricky.  I had to buy a pack of purple highlighters to make it easier to follow, by using the purple to highlight anything that's already been stitched.