Saturday, December 23, 2017

Weekly WIPs

So, I've started a thing where I'm working on about a million things at once.  I realised that I've got a huge stack of WIPs, and I'm making zero progress on any of them.  So instead of making zero progress across the board, let's make slow progress on many projects.  There are also a couple of new ones in here, either as restarts or just something I felt like doing.  So let's take a look at all of them.

 Dr Strange

This is one of my livestream projects.  I started it new as a way of getting away from the horses, which I'm forever going to be blah about, I think.  It's very boring right now, since all of the fun bits are nowhere near the corners, but that's kind of universal I think.

I'm having one small problem with it, however.  I apparently have two work files for this.  And I appear to have printed off my example image from the wrong one.  They're the same image, but the colour-scattering is different.  On most pieces, I can look at my printed example, and the pixels will match the stitches, so I can see areas that are giving me grief.  This one doesn't do that.  I can get an idea of what colour goes in which area, but I can't tell which colour goes in which specific spot.  I could always reprint the image using the work file I printed the pattern off from, but toner is expensive, and I'd like to keep it.


Some of you might recognise this one.  It's from the very first stitchalong, years ago.  I think by now, everyone knows what happened: Windows 10 is a horrible piece of shit, and upgrading melted my hard drive.  I lost so many files, including the weeklies from this one.  I was able to recover the master, so I've finally printed that off to work on it.  It's... a challenge.  The trees in my one page finish so far are all sorts of fucked up, because keeping track of what's already been stitched on a totally unmarked pattern page isn't easy.  But I think I've come up with a good system.

Ordinarily when I stitch, I sort of go from the top left corner of a grid square down to the bottom right.  That doesn't work.  I have to pick out the largest areas of colour and stitch those first, and then use those to fill in the fiddly details.  I've bought a box of purple highlighters, along with some new pink and blue ones, and probably won't pick this one up again until they get here.  I'd rather be able to mark up the page where there's already stitching, just to make life easier.

This poor thing has been sitting around for so long, the gridding is a mess as well, which isn't helping.  It's had water spilled on it twice, as you can probably see, but I think the current page finish has covered up the area where there just straight up wasn't any gridding left.  It should get easier from here.


This one was only supposed to take one day.  Ten hours in, and this is all the farther I've managed to get.  The black on black isn't helping, but I'm honestly not sure what about this one is taking so long.  I wanted a quick video I could film and get up by the end of the year, but with Christmas and my anniversary right around the corner, that's not going to happen.  I really want to try to do more speed stitches though.  I just need to get better at judging how long they'll take, apparently.

Lazy Leopard

This is another one that's going to take me a century to finish.  This little smudge represents an hour of work.  More than an hour.  It's a livestream project, and I thought it would be fun to do something on stream that required parking.  There's so little done from this that I don't even have anything to say, other than how I kind of regret it already.  I might work on this one on tonight's stream.  We'll see.


This is one of those re-starts.  Way back when I first started my channel, I had the idea to do a livestream project, and this was it.  But I somehow managed to screw it up beyond repair, and I had to toss it out.  So now this is my Patreon project.  I only work on this one during Patreon streams, which is why it's so piddly.  It's not a difficult one to do though, so relatively infrequent streams will still get it finished in a decent amount of time.  I  just need to find a good time to do those streams.  The schedule I set up this month really did not work out, so I'm going to try something else starting next month.


This is one that started off life as a livestream project, and then got shunted aside because I needed the stretcher bars for something else.  I feel like this one's going to destroy my supply of blue, and would have a good go at destroying my supply of black if not for the giant cone of that I have.

I'm going to put it into a 7" hoop when it's done.  And I only have one 7" hoop, because they seem like they're impossible to find.  So I've been having to be very careful about not using it on something else.

Howling Wolves

This is another restart.  I'd started it years ago on this really funky fabric, and got maybe 100 stitches into it before realising the fabric was a bad fit.  It's now on 22ct, and going much better, as you can probably see.  It's a lot of black.  So much black.  And navy.  I'm going to try to find a cone of navy to bolster my supplies, because holy crap, it's going to be thousands of stitches of navy.

I'm not sure how many WIPs will be in an average roundup post going forward.  I suppose it mostly depends on how much time I have to actually work on stuff.  We shall see.