Thursday, November 30, 2017

December Livestream Schedule

I've mentioned before that I'm trying to get on a decent livestream schedule.  Well, December's a crap month for it, because of the Jingle Jam.  If you don't know what the Jingle Jam is, every year for the month of December, the Yogscast host a massive charity drive with livestreams happening all day. 

In fact, if you're looking for some charities to donate to, and do some Christmas shopping at the same time, check out their Humble Bundle.  This link will not go live until December 1st, but the charities included are as follows:

The Yogscast also work closely with game devs to make this something even more special.  Donations over $35 will also get an advent-style gift packages of games and DLC for the month of December.  This year, the total value of the package is $600.  Every day, you'll get an email with a new set of Steam codes, for you to keep or give away as you choose.  This has been my husband's Christmas gift for the last couple of years, and will be again this year.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday and Microphone Woes

What have I been working on lately?  Well, not much, like always.  Mostly I've been busy with the livestreams, and working on the horses.  They're coming along really well so far, but they have some issues I'm struggling to figure out how to fix.

That brown horse in particular is killing me. I'm not sure why it wound up so stripey, but it did.  The grass is also killing me.  Not so much the yellow, but the fact that the shadows are all blending right in.

Doing multiple layers of stitching was always in the cards, but I'm starting to think that maybe there will need to be three layers: a second to bring out some of the details that got lost, and then a third to smooth them back down again where needed.  I'm also still really torn on backstiching.  I'm thinking that by doing three passes, instead of two, I'll be able to avoid it.  I hope I will anyway, because backstitching this thing and making it look good will not be easy.  Mostly because of that brown horse.  I mean, what is it even doing?

I might be able to have the first layer done by this time next week, so we'll see what needs to be done to get some of this stuff looking nicer.

Also worked on and completed in about two and a half hours was the final piece to a kit I've been teasing for months.  I have finished the final cat!

The two shades of grey I used really wound up blending into one another, but I kind of like it.  I've been trying to decide whether or not I should adjust it in the final pattern, but I don't think I will.  Some of the other cats are full of obvious colour changes, so I think something subtle to round it out works well.

But in finishing the kit, I also did something else!  I got a speed stitch done!

Look at that!  Not the most exciting speed stitch, but it is one!  I'm amazed.  I'm going to start doing these a little more, but they won't be the flagship series like I'd originally planned.  Just something fun I do every now and then, since it usually takes just as long to put the video together as it does to film them.  This video, in terms of recording and editing, took almost five hours.  And it could be better. But it is what it is.

And speaking of things that could be better, after wrestling with my input sound all year, I've finally solved the problem.  Sort of.  Mostly.  I'm waiting on something to arrive from Amazon.  I'm well aware that the audio on my livestreams sucks like hell, but that's because the lav mic I use for filming my to-the-camera videos doesn't work with my computer.  I've spent countless hours messing around with settings, drivers, ports, only to find out last night that my PC doesn't recognise my lav mic as a microphone.  So, I decided to take the plunge and invested in a cheap but well-reviewed condenser mic last night.  It should be getting here on Friday, giving me just enough time to learn how to set it up before I do Friday's stream.

Speaking of which, livestreams aren't going to be in the mornings anymore.  Or at least, not primarily.  A series of circumstances surrounding how my day works has led me to decide to mainly stream in the evenings now, though I'll probably do some morning streams on days when my husband is home.  In theory, he gets three days off a week.  So in theory, I'll still do morning streams three times a week.

In practise, it may be more than that.  Or it may be less.  It will probably more often depend on how I feel.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Crayola vs Embroidery Pens

I've been hearing a lot about people using Crayola markers to do their gridding.  And my reaction was one of horror.  Why would you even do such a thing?  Crayola is synonymous with staining and tears.

But enough people are saying they're doing it that I felt compelled to check it out.  Either it really does work, or there are a significant amount of people out there who don't care about weird stains on their work.  But that's absurd, right?  Surely the answer is that they work?  But how well?    So I got a whole bunch of different varieties of Crayola markers and decided to run them through a whole variety of tests.  And wound up being a bit surprised.


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We're working on adding new content to the site as we move it over.  In the mean time, why not visit our YouTube channel?