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Custom Commission Information

Custom commissions, needleminders, and instant pattern downloads are all available through my profile. is a platform that lets buyers track the status of their commissioned artwork, costumes, writing, and other projects, while providing a safe and secure payment method.

All of my commissioned work is hand-stitched to your specifications.  You provide the image, and I will turn it into something permanent.  For more information, see my profile.
Recent posts

Free Pattern: Ariados

Today's free pattern: Ariados!  The cutest little edgelord spider ever.

Download it here

Furret Speed Paint

This one had some problems, but we got there in the end.  Another Pok√©mon for the collab project.

Free Pattern: Foxy

Foxy's the free pattern this week.

Get it here

Ariados Speed Paint

Cute little edgelord spider.  That was the last of that blue fabric, and I already miss it.

Free Pattern: Sponsor Eagle

Sponsor Eagle coming to sponsor you.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Beta Ray Bill

An obscure one this week, but still one of my favourites.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Yanma

Another cute little bug to brighten your day.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Qwilfish

Look at this grumpfish.  He's adorable.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Purple Pegasus

Simple little design for variegated floss.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Sans

Doot doot goes the skeleton

Get it here

Free Pattern: Naked Hawkeye

Poor Hawkeye.  Nothing ever goes right for him.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Mario & Yoshi

The best sprite in Mario history.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Bahala na si Batman

Just leave it to Batman.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Squirtle

Here's a cute little water turtle to brighten your day.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Compy

He's tiny, but dangerous.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Zigzagoon

Cute little critter for you today.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Volt Goat

It's a goat.  It will electrocute you.

Get it here

Cross Stitch 101: Handmade Patches

Have you ever wanted to make your own patches to stick on your favourite coat or bag, or to sell in your Etsy shop?  Cross stitch patches are great for those little sprite-like designs.  
Patches are easiest to make when they're square, but any geometric shape will work.  Once you get comfortable with the process, you can even begin to follow the contours of the design for more intricate and detailed patches.
What you will need:
Stitched design on Aida clothSturdy tapestry needleSmall, sharp scissors Iron (optional)Floss for your outline colour
Making the patches:
Once you've finished stitching your design, you'll want to cut it out.  This step requires precision, so embroidery scissors are recommended.  Using the holes in the fabric as a guideline, cut straight edges around your entire patch, leaving a border of about five empty spaces between the edge of your design and the edge of the fabric.
Fold the fabric back, leaving a border of one empty space between the edge of yo…