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Custom Commission Information

Custom commissions, needleminders, and instant pattern downloads are all available through my profile. is a platform that lets buyers track the status of their commissioned artwork, costumes, writing, and other projects, while providing a safe and secure payment method.

All of my commissioned work is hand-stitched to your specifications.  You provide the image, and I will turn it into something permanent.  For more information, see my profile.
Recent posts

Stitchybox Review

Back in February, I signed up for a Stitchybox bi-monthly subscription.  Come August, I'd received ONE box out of what was supposed to be several by this point.

Everything has been late, they've refused to communicate with me (the one time they did respond to me, they claimed I'd never emailed them before), and the few products I did get from them have been extremely poor quality.

When, in the single email they've bothered to send me all year, I was told it was pointless to review the product I never received, I decided to review every aspect of their service.  My ultimate advice: Save your money.  Stitchybox is a scam.

Free Pattern: Roocket and Groot

It's Rocket and Groot, here to save the day!

Get it here

More Fabric

I actually did not have all of the fabric that I thought I had.  I found more.  And here it is.

So many changes

It's summer, and summer always throws everything out of whack for me.  It's hot, I get sick easily because it's hot, and a lot of stuff falls by the wayside or gets forgotten because I spend so much time being sick.  On top of that, my computer gets grumpy, so even if I'm not sick, not a lot gets done.

There is some stuff I've managed to get done this year though.  First and foremost, I'm finally making progress on getting this thing I call a recording room actually looking and functioning like a recording room.  I'm not completely happy with it, and am going to make a few more changes over the course of today, but I'm also no longer trapped in a box when I record.

Right now, my core concerns are lighting, and being able to put things like my scissors and floss and monitor in places where they won't constantly be at risk of rolling away or falling over.  Also, the way I had my monitor when I streamed last night was just impossible to see.

I have a p…

Free Pattern: Furret

And adorable little Furret to brighten your day.

Get it here

Fabric Parade

I have a lot of fabric.  Like, a stupid amount of fabric.  This video just went up and it's already outdated because I've dyed more fabric in between filming this video and now.

With a few exceptions, all of my fabric has been hand-dyed by me.  Most of it is leftover stock from my store, but with me focusing on videos and streaming full time, I decided against liquidating it when I closed everything down, and kept it to use with projects.

The only problem with this plan is I will be working on projects for several lifetimes.  I have a stupid amount of fabric.  Most of it's 18ct and 22ct, but there's some 14ct, and 16ct in the mix as well.  And maybe some 28ct?  There was a piece of 25ct that didn't make it into the video because I'd tried to put something on it, decided I didn't like it, and need to frog it.  And I thought I had some 28ct lying around, but I can't remember if I ever actually looked at any during this video, or if it got stuck in a box o…

Free Pattern: Ariados

Today's free pattern: Ariados!  The cutest little edgelord spider ever.

Download it here

Furret Speed Paint

This one had some problems, but we got there in the end.  Another Pok√©mon for the collab project.

Free Pattern: Foxy

Foxy's the free pattern this week.

Get it here

Ariados Speed Paint

Cute little edgelord spider.  That was the last of that blue fabric, and I already miss it.

Free Pattern: Sponsor Eagle

Sponsor Eagle coming to sponsor you.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Beta Ray Bill

An obscure one this week, but still one of my favourites.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Yanma

Another cute little bug to brighten your day.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Qwilfish

Look at this grumpfish.  He's adorable.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Purple Pegasus

Simple little design for variegated floss.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Sans

Doot doot goes the skeleton

Get it here

Free Pattern: Naked Hawkeye

Poor Hawkeye.  Nothing ever goes right for him.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Mario & Yoshi

The best sprite in Mario history.

Get it here

Free Pattern: Bahala na si Batman

Just leave it to Batman.

Get it here